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We offer a wide range of value-creation services to both sellers and buyers to make the process confidential and as easy as possible.

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We offer a wide range of value-creation services to both sellers and buyers. We work with sellers of all types of business with £1m+ annual turnover, connecting them to a national and international network of companies looking to expand via acquisition and those companies’ professional advisors. We have a very high rate of success in the sale of companies within limited time windows.

Both buyers and sellers benefit from our deal progression team who offer their expertise in smoothing the path from the agreement of a deal through due diligence to completion day.

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Our Approach To Selling A Business

To sell a business for its true value, the price it achieves must recognise its future growth potential under new leadership as well as its current worth. In most cases, we know that another company will not want to acquire your business for your company as it is now.

They want to acquire you because they believe that their method of doing business backed by your infrastructure, customer database, supply contacts, and more will take your company to even higher levels of turnover and profitability.

Assessing The Value Of A Business

The IBA Corporate team has decades of collective experience in valuing businesses and taking those businesses to market. One thing we have never allowed ourselves to do is the old estate agent trick. When we see a client, we don’t inflate our initial estimate of a company’s value. It raises sellers’ expectations to an unrealistic degree and it actively deters buyers.

Buyers have an instinctive knowledge of the current and future value of the businesses they purchase and nothing is more likely to put them off making an offer for the company than believing that they’re dealing with a deluded seller and their transfer representative.

So, how do we value your business? What do we look for? What do we try to avoid?

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We sell businesses for more than they’re worth now based on future growth projections – proven.

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